Holographic Windchime 2.1

ArtContainer Steffisburg

10.-13. Februar 2022 und 17.-19. Februar 2022

Mist rises in the enchanted forest. Natural air currents interact with light to form dancing, constantly changing sculptures of mystical beauty. In their transience, they manifested a short-lived, seemingly plastic, at the same time immaterial and tangible presence. When the fog lifted, the projections scanned the natural surroundings and briefly become part of the forest before the fog caught them again.

With the installation “Holographic Wind Chimes 2.0”, the Swiss artist collective ArtificialOwl around Jan Raphael Knieza creates an ephemeral world: a dream-like, magical situation in which the audience is immersed and by which they are gently embraced. The simple fascination of light, fog and sound makes one marvel and discover something new again and again.

P.M. | A.D:                   Jan Knieza
3D animation:             M. Pfaeffli
Sound design:            Jan Knieza

Client: Art Container Steffisburg
Category: Performance
Date: February 2022