Sadly only in transit

Stunning Armenia!

Our need for sunshine and warmth urges us to move forward a little.
Furthermore, we don't want to be in the Middle East in the summer...
17. July 2023/by jan

Offroad for advanced

We travel about 1'500km through the country of the Caucasus "Georgia."
Unfortunately, we are travelling in a rather unsuitable season for overlanding. We get lost in the mountains on the way to Tbilisi and get an advanced off-road lesson.
8. July 2023/by jan

Once Everything, with Spicy!

Welcome to Turkey!
We are crossing the continent. We are in for quite a few bankruptcies, misfortunes and mishaps. But the Turkish hospitality and our friendships with like-minded and like-thinking people make our experience as vagabonds easier. Our adventure progresses...
25. June 2023/by jan

Under Ivan’s reign

Bulgaria off-road river crossings for beginners!
30. March 2023/by jan

Love at first breath

On the trail of vampires and bears!
For one month through the fascinating world of the Carpathians.
Every day we learn, prejudices dissolve, improve our handling skills, and much more!
26. December 2022/by jan

Slowly immersed

In the travel groove...

About prejudices, fantasies and how it is actually experienced. Our second month on a world tour.
26. November 2022/by jan

All beginnings are… not easy!

Arriving on the journey...

On 6 August 2022, after three turbulent years of building our "dream touring vehicle", we finally arrived on the road.
9. October 2022/by jan

The transformation

Construction of the travel truck "Oleg

We will work through these chapters in the course of time. After these turbulent three years of planning, organising, ordering what felt like thousands of parts and the subsequent realisation of the dream travel vehicle, we first need a break and want to arrive at the "big journey".
9. October 2022/by jan