Holographic Windchime 3.2

Fog rises on the Murisland of Graz AT. Natural air currents interact with light to form dancing, constantly changing sculptures of mystical beauty that break up the parametric architecture of the surroundings and generate a completely new space through their own forms. Using light, sound and fog, the collective led by artist Jan Raphael Knieza creates an illusionary experience that completely changes the perception of space. A fleeting, dream-like world is created, into which the audience is gently immersed and only slowly awakens again. In the process, the Murinsel will no longer be the place that is so familiar to many people from Graz…

The Swiss artist collective ArtificialOwl around Jan Raphael Knieza creates fascinating installations out of light, fog and sound, which allow to discover new things even in familiar spaces. With the help of analog as well as digital technologies, themes around deceleration, illusion, dream and spatial perception are artistically worked on and made tangible for the audience in a very gentle way through immersive light and sound projects.

A.D. & Illustration: J. R. Knieza
3D animation: M. Pfaeffli
sound design: J. Koch
Sound engineering: S. Stebler
Tech. Realization: F. Menzel,
J. R. Knieza
S. Stebler

Client: Klanglicht Graz / Opera Graz
Category: Performance
Date: April 2019