Stage Zauberpark


November 25 – December 12, 2021

ArtificialOwl B2B modulwerk

In joint cooperation, ArtificialOwl together with modulwerk develops and designs the Magic Park Stage. The stage is a symbol of the surrounding landscape and its perspective depth. With specially developed content, it is transformed into an ever-changing sculpture.

Modulwerk, the company founded in 2011, focuses on cross-media design.

In addition to classic printed matter and photography, it designs and realizes spatial concepts in the areas of signaling and exhibition design as well as multimedia projects, and takes care of the design, planning and technical realization of interactive art installations.

Project Management | A.D: J. R. Knieza
Design: Timon Christen & J. R. Knieza
Mapping: Timon Christen
3D Animation: M. Pfäffli

Client: Magic Park ZH
Categorie: Stage design
Date: November 2021