Cubed Dream 2.0

extended Edition

im Pavillion@Zauberpark

November 25 – December 12, 2021

Cubed stands for the mathematical high3 – the third dimension with its simplest form of the cube. The virtual world of image and film nowadays works with layers which can be superimposed on the computer. Layers, as they were once used by the old masters of fine arts to increase the tangible depth of a painting.

ArtificialOwl works with exactly these layers in the installation Cubed Dream. Layers of various materials that break up space and time. Layers that make the wind not only tangible but also visible.

Dream – stands for the personal fascination of psychological experiences that are often confusing, bottomless, leading to a transcendental experience.

Cubed Dream – is an installation to marvel at. A unique experience of light, illusion, the third space which accompanies the guest into a day (waking) dream.

project management | A.D: J. R. Knieza

3D animation: M. Pfaeffli
sound design: J. Koch
Sound engineering: —

Client: Magic Park ZH
Categorie: Stage design
Date: November 2021