In Motion Series 001
Trees in Motion 1.0

ArtificialOwl experiments with his In Motion series with classical projections on objects combined with counter-projections on fog. The idea is that the opposite contents complement each other and merge into a new whole.

It is the sun that makes the life of the earth shine, that nourishes the trees, which as lungs of the earth fill us with breathable air.

With this installation ArtificialOwl gives back to the trees the power of light that has become in the dark winter and lets them shine in it. A metaphor that, in this moment of wonder, brings us closer to the meaning of nature and sensitizes us to the preservation of nature.

In the immensity of the mountains, where the magic forest grows, the play with the light, gives us a sensual view of the importance of the ever more explosive theme of nature conservation.

Project Management | A.D: J. R. Knieza
3D animation: M. Pfäffli
Technical support: S. Stebler
Photos: C. Erkoc

Client: Zauberwald Lenzerheide
Category: In Motion Series
Date: December 2019