Sinus 1.0 classic Edition

Encounter needs space and time, possibility and respect, interest and communication. Encounter is fundamental for human existence and its development or joint overcoming of crises. In times of limited possibilities of encounter, which are more or less transformed into another form of meeting by digital interfaces, the hunger for real shared experience is constantly growing. The Swiss collective artificialOwl works on structures and moments of human encounter and communication in their installations.

The new work “Sinus 1.0 Classsic Edition” was created in 2021 especially for the Feldkirch Churer Tor in collaboration with the internationally renowned Vorarlberg composer Herbert Willi.

“Composition has to do with trust. Allowing the sounds to happen in silence and without intention is one of the most beautiful things I can imagine.” (Herbert Willi)

The projection of a sine wave is caught by artificial fog and seems to gain a momentary physical presence. What emerges is a space of dialogue filled with fantastic, ephemeral entities created by a poetic synthesis of projection, timeless music and our communal experience. The holistic immersion in this alien world allows for a temporary release from our own present.

project management | A.D:   J. R. Knieza
3D Animation:                         M. Pfäffli
Music:                                        Herbert Willi
Text:                                           Sina Wagner
Audio Engineering:                 Andre Siegrist

Client:                                        Lichtstadt Feldkirch
Category:                                   Performance
Date:                                          October 2021