Silentium luminosum

“Silentium luminosum” (2020/2021), light-fog-installation

We at ArtificialOwl, like all art and cultural institutions, have had an eventful and very challenging year:

Due to the requirements of the FOPH, we have lost almost all orders and almost no cultural events could take place. We at ArtificialOwl, together with the makers of Holzpark Klybeck, take this as an opportunity to let this eventful year come to a quiet and beautiful end.

“Silentium luminosum” (lat. luminous, bright, prominent silence, stillness, inactivity), is the name of this large-scale light installation, it defies the artistic, creative silence.

Anyone who has had the opportunity to visit light festivals in recent years, always in winter, knows that after a strenuous, hectic year it simply feels relieving to walk through the light installations in the wintry landscapes. Jan Knieza, the Basel light artist and busy art maker, was always partly responsible for this.

This year, no wonder, everything is different, all the magical light art festivals have been cancelled, instead the Holzpark Klybeck will be illuminated by ArtificialOwl. In collaboration with Tom Brunner, not only the newly emerging cultural center “Gannet”, but also many other smaller and larger projects on the area will be put into enchanting light.

During the evening strolls through the Holzpark Klybeck, one can quietly reflect on the year that is coming to an end. At the same time, the projects are waiting to be seen in a new light or even rediscovered in the nighttime hours of winter.

“We do not want to be idle! We lack the stage with its delighted and amazed guests. Therefore, we want to make a statement in this difficult time. So, without further ado, we decided to volunteer to create a place of contemplation.”- Jan Raphael Knieza

“Silentium luminosum” is an interpretation from our work Holographic wind chimes under the influence of restrictions.

A.D. & Illustration: J. R. Knieza
3D animation: M. Pfaeffli
Tech. Realization: F. Menzel,
J. R. Knieza

Category: Performance
Date: December 2020