Platonic Dome 1.1

Geodesic objects, produce the shape of a spherical surface. But these consist exclusively of straight lines and surfaces. The roundness of the sphere idea arises only in the imagination of the viewer on the basis of his life experience: the world which the environment has created up to this time in his mind. This, symbolically existing, spherical shape of the domes is forgotten and the imagination takes its free course.

The play of light of the 2-dimensional projections on the 3-dimensional arranged surfaces of the domes helps to escape the platonic nature of the object. An experience that shows that the realms of external reality flow smoothly into those of internal reality, thus also playing a fascinating game with the boundaries of truth.

project management | A.D: J. R. Knieza
3D Animation: M. Pfäffli
Music: Josh Tree
audio engineering: S. Stebler
Photos: Werner Braun

Client: Murten Light Festival
Category: Performance
Date: January 2019