MdR – Maison des Rêves.
After a wonderful flight to the east, the naughty children invite you again to dance under the open sky. This time it’s off to the south, to a picturesque ruin on the border with Ticino. The lord of the castle has long since rotted underground – gratefully the crazy rave kids take over the scepter and make the crumbling walls shake with juicy bass!
You can expect a dreamlike castle ruin in the middle of Ticino, which we will breathe new magic into.
Besides an international and national line up, you can expect artistically lovingly designed castle stories, theater performances, 2 stages, market stalls with delicious food and a unique location.

Project Management | A.D: J. R. Knieza
3D Animation: M. Pfäffli
Photo: J. R. Knieza

Client: LET – Les Enfant Terrible
Categorie: Stage Design
Date: July 2017