Holographic Windchime 1.2

When the mist lolls through the castle courtyard in Murten – ArtificialOwl forms a virtual dream world – mystical & hypnotic.

The air currents nestle together in the light to form dancing sculptures, the wind suddenly becomes visible. Standing in the middle of the structure, the viewer is gently embraced by the light sculptures, hypnotized and enchanted. The fog clears and traces the movement of the projection sculptures into the air and the surroundings.

In Holographic Wind Chimes, the viewer himself appears as an active part of the installation, like the surrounding nature. This additionally unfolds perspective distortion and drawings on the guests, which provide dynamics and magic.

project management | A.D: J. R. Knieza
3D animation: M. Pfäffli
Technical support: M. Echtler
video: K. Markievicz, J.R. Knieza & M. Pfäffli
Photos:                              W. Braun

Client: Murten Light Festival
Category: Performance
Date: January 2018