Hermetschlo mit Öppädiä

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On August 1st, we’ll be launching a rocket on the city’s most beautiful rooftop terrace, the likes of which you’ve never seen or heard before. Pyroman aka Roman Bruderer, percussionist and DJ, involved in countless band projects, will lead us to the launch pad and light the fuse! Aérea Negrot presents an extravagant bouquet and shoots you into the colorful glitter starry sky.

Raised in Venezuela and member of the famous New York disco act Hercules & Love Affair, she now lives in Berlin and releases on Bpitch Control, Ellen Allien’s label. With her partner she plays live with us, guided by her temperament she leaves you no choice!

In bright excitement the rocket whizzes on, penetrating new and unknown bootyshaker spheres and extase dimensions with Lexx at the helm. He is one of the most internationally renowned DJ’s and producers in our city and it is our great pleasure to discover his musical universe with him.

Without a rip cord and seat belts we float into infinity until the sparkling final bouquet awaits us on the distant horizon. Princess’ P takes over with the first rays of sunshine and conjures us a carpet of groove, on which one gladly has ground under the feet to dance again.


Pyroman (Nice Try Records/Rumpelmusig, Zurich)
Aérea Negrot (Bpitch Control, Berlin)
Lexx (Phantom Island, Zurich)
Princess’ P (Dolce, Bern)
Light: ArtificialOwl

Welcome to the Hermetschloo Galaxy!

project management | A.D: J. R. Knieza
3D Animation: M. Pfäffli

Client: Öppädiä
Categorie: Stage Design | Performance
Date: August 2018