Expedition on Arts & Light

artificialOwl Worldtour

since August 2022

“Expedition on Arts and Light” is to be the world’s first world tour, circumnavigation of the globe by a collective of artists in the name of contemporary art; especially light art. The expedition is to last 5-7 years.

We hope to realise at least one light installation in each country visited.

The aim of this expedition is to prove our skills worldwide. Our itinerary, at least that’s what we thought, will be based on opportunities for bookings and engagements. As well as fascinating spots where we can work in correlation with nature, abandoned places and other sights.

NEXT COUNTRIES: Iran – Iraq – Kuwait – Saudi Arabia – Pakistan – India – Nepal – Bangladesh – Mianmar – Laos – Thailand – Singapore – Indonesia – Australia – New Zealand and so on…

Contact us and we will inform you when we are visiting your country – we are looking forward to working with you: info@artowl.ch

Bafa Lake – Herakleia on Latmos (Castle Island) @Kapikiri Tr, November 2022

Test session with natural fog: in Poland near Znin